Part 2: Appearances

Following the events of previous entries, Daniel has new encounters with this creature. I think this has to be the most substantial part, since not only he claims to finally see the physical appearance of the monster, but also provides some evidence of his own. I highly doubt he had the time or motives to make these things up, since some of the stuff present in these entries are realted to things that happened before and after Daniel's dissapearance. Part 2: Appearances



Part 1: Noises

Okay, so this is part one of Daniel's notes. Here, he claims to hear strange noises at home, most of them attributed to some kind of paranormal entity, which you'll see later on. As far as I know, nobody has ever visited Daniel's house since "the tragedy", so there is no way to know how those noises sounded in reality or if there were any noises to begin with. It starts with your usual poltergeist activity, which may sound cliché at first, but it gets more terrifying as the story progresses. I want you to pay close attention to how the entity behaves.  I promise that these events wil make sense in future parts. Part 1: Noises


I don’t tend to believe in paranormal stuff. At least, not in what people consider to be paranormal. Because once I finished reading these documents, the word “paranormal” seems misused. This is not something related to magic or fantastic creatures, but rather something that your science teacher may have warned you about our universe or, should I say, our multiverse. What I’m trying to say is even if I felt skeptical at first, the more I think about it, the more I feel it is scientifically possible, and that is terrifying if you ask me. Who knows. Maybe every paranormal thing has its own plane of existence, waiting to invade our reality. So I think I owe you an explanation. Back in 2020, I knew this guy called Daniel. We both started working in a small IT company as software engineers. Although we were not such close friends, we used to talk during lunch and weekends through chat. He told me he has been living alone for two years in a house located a few minutes by car from our work. I